Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Loved being the guest judge this week, such a honor. Absolutely loved all your beautiful images,
I had a hard time choosing!

This image is so cute, I love the colors and the little girl picking at the flowers, really sweet.


This is such a sweet image, it reminds me of a little girl dressing up in moms wedding dress or to be a flower girl.


This photo reminds me of my little boy playing in the sand on the beach. Beautiful orange light from the sun.

Childhood. Two girls having fun, so precious!


Onyx Photography by Maria E.

Great framing, love the sun peaking through.

Dreamy, sweet image.

Beautiful light, I wonder what the girl is thinking about.


What a fun image, such a wonderful summer time feeling you get from it.


Lauren Radley Photography

Great colors and love the symmetry and framing.


Ashley's Inspired Imagery

Love her happy smile!


Love everything about this! Love the light, the lines, shadows and the little girl playing with her toys, I would absolutely frame this and hang in her room if she was mine!

Thanks again for having me this week! So many beautiful images from all of you, it was a pleasure and I hope you all keep the world full of 'sunshine' with your art!


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