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Currently there are two ways to be featured on Snap Maven.

The first is through our weekly theme challenges.

Each week on Sunday's a new "theme challenge" will be announced.
You may submit up to two images each week. 
These images will be considered for a weekly feature here on the blog. 
There will be ten top images and one additional challenge winner. 
Theses images are chosen by a weekly guest judge. 
Guest judges are chosen by the Mavenistas- those fabulous ladies at the helm of the Snap Maven ship. 
The challenge winner will then receive a solo feature.
Submit your images by posting them to our Facebook page wall. 
Please label them with the weekly theme and tag your business or personal page.

The second is through our ongoing challenges- {experiments}and {weekly favorites}.

Trying out a new skill and nailed it? 
Trying out a new skill and bombed it? 
We want to see it and hear about it! 
This will be an ongoing challenge. 
When you submit your images to the Snap Maven wall be sure to label them as {experiments} and explain what you were trying to achieve- whether successful, or not. 
Can't wait to see what all you photo-scientists come up with!
You many submit as many images as you like.
 As always though at Snap Maven, this isn't about "critiquery"- yes I made up that word. 
Any commentary here on this blog or on the FB page needs to stay positive. 
We ALL have enough negative voice soundtracks going on in our OWN heads. 
After there are enough submissions, @every two weeks, a blog post of our favorite will be published.

Time to drown it out! 

This is about sharing and feeling safe to do so.
The cut off for weekly images will be on Sundays at midnight.

The Snap Maven Facebook Page 

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