How to Become A Guest Judge

This question has been asked quite a lot.

"How do I get considered to be a guest judge?"

We have been very tight lipped about the answer to that.
Though now we feel we need to make it clear how it works.

First of all, Julie chooses the guest judges.
Judges are not chosen by application or by volunteering.
She gets advice from the other Mavenistas about people she should be on the look out for,
but ultimately she is the one who handpicks them.

Her criteria isn't very technical.
She looks for a few things though.

1. Active participation in the photography community. 
Not necessarily just in the theme pages.
Past judges have had significant personal projects, started support communities, or offer workshops.

2. Number of fans or likes is not a factor, though quality of work displayed on the Facebook page is.

3. She takes note of who is submitting images to Snap Maven on a regular basis as well as to other communities.

4. Many judges have been winners in past weekly themes or favorites.

5.  She always approaches candidates via private messages.

We have not repeated a guest judge 
and hope not to do so, ever, 
unless there is some sort of desperate need to do so. 
Being able to choose only one judge per week in a vast sea of potential candidates 
means it is going to take quite a long time to choose everyone 
 we'd like to see have a chance.
Please be patient with us, and keep an eye out 
for an message in your inbox from Julie. 

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