This ebook is the equivalent
of a whirlwind tour of Europe.
I couldn't visit everywhere.
but I made sure not to miss
the good stuff!
Composition, light, color, storytelling,
critique, tribe-building, and goal setting,
all covered in 180+ pages!

...and quotes, don't forget the quotes!


I am so excited to share my first ebook with everyone 
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What people are saying...

This is a beautiful guide that not only covers the technical aspects of photography with simplicity and ease, but it also covers the creative heart. It is a gentle voice that guides you to see your art for what it is. It encourages you to listen to your vision and follow your voice. It is the calm in a very chaotic world. I wish this guide was available when I first started this journey. Yet 7 years later, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Julie's guide which is filled with beautiful quotes and stunning imagery. ~Cindy Cavanagh


"Travelling at the Speed of Light" is the guide I wish I had when I was starting out! This is the perfect eBook for the photographer who has taken the time to learn his or her camera, but is now unsure where to go or what the next step is. Julie's eBook is stuffed full of helpful information, beautiful images, and quotes that hit the mark. If you need to know a bit about a lot of things, this is your bible. Having this eBook on your journey is a bit like having a friend, whispering explanations and guidance in your ear, and who doesn't need that?! This is material you will revisit again and again.

~Jana O'Flaherty


'Traveling At The Speed Of Light' is the ultimate guide for the seasoned photographer who is looking to grow in their craft! Julie takes you on a virtual trip of the world of photography, and holds back nothing in this beautifully illustrated 180+ page e-book. I 'closed' this book feeling renewed and inspired! Julie sees the world in a unique way, and I am already a stronger photographer, just for reading it. Thank you, Julie for being our creative guide. ~Summer Cates

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