Saturday, March 8, 2014

Feature Friday (or Showcase Saturday) with Heather Spencer of Little Birdie Photography

It's time to get to know the winner of our "adventure" theme, Heather Spencer of Little Birdie Photography!

1. Please tell us about yourself... 
Hi there, I’m Heather! I am a 26 year old mom of 3, all crazy boys! I am a fiancĂ© to an amazing, funny, beautiful soul named Alex. We have a precious little pup named Mabel. We rescued her this past fall and she is an amazing addition to our crazy family. About me? Hmmm… When I love something I become obsessed. My current obsessions include: the ocean, red lipstick, coffee, Archer, Les Mills classes, indulgent trail mix, H&M, and

2. Can you describe your style in 3 words? Why those words?
 “Live right now.” I want to remember all of it; the pretty, the ugly, the tantrums, the messes, the laughter, the flaws. It is all beautiful because it is our life. We are living.
Tomorrow may never come to us. We do not live in tomorrow. We cannot find it in any of our title-deeds. The man who owns whole blocks of real estate, and great ships on the sea, does not own a single minute of tomorrow. Tomorrow! It is a mysterious possibility, not yet born. It lies under the seal of midnight--behind the veil of glittering constellations.
E. H. CHAPIN, Living Words”

3. What sparked your passion for photography?
I have always been more creatively inclined. I was grounded as a child when my best friend and I were busted for snapping photos of our behinds on our little plastic film camera ;) I, like many others, had the passion ignite with the birth of my children. 

4. What's in your camera bag right now?
Nikon D610, Sigma 35 1.4, Lensbaby Edge 80, Tamron 28-75 2.8, Nikkor 50 1.8 (for freelensing)

5. What is your dream shoot or project?
I would love to shoot ANYTHING in the Pacific Northwest. I am insanely jealous of the lucky souls that get to live there and shoot there all the time.  

6. What are some of the misconceptions you had about photography and photographers at the beginning of your photography journey? Have they changed, and how?
I jumped in with both feet and had no idea how to swim. I thought shooting in auto + trendy actions = ahhhmazing photography. I learned that is not the case in about 2 seconds. After learning to shoot in manual, finding my style, and a lot of soul searching, I realized what I wanted my work to represent. 

7. What advice would you give to newbie photographers? What advice do you wish you'd been given at the very beginning?
You can shoot amazing photos with any camera. Learn about light; learn your camera inside and out. Invest in good lenses. Always remember why you started this journey.

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  1. Beautiful work Heather! Loved learning more about you :)


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