Tuesday, March 4, 2014

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” - Amelia Earhart 

The submissions this week were all amazing and made it very hard for me to choose just a handful. Here are my top picks for “Adventure” in no particular order.

A little boy on an adventure in a big world.


Caroline Moylan Photography

The processing, the energy, the childhood memories in the making. Amazing image.


I love the color, location, and innocence of this!


The first time I saw this, it reminded me so much of my boys and their love of climbing trees.


I love the interpretation of this one and the pops of color.


I love this. You can’t beat an open country field setting for littles to run and explore, and just get lost in their own imaginations.


This is absolutely beautiful. One of the biggest adventures in life is this. 


The light, the tree, the shadows, a little one exploring! Amazing.


I adore this image entirely. Adventures cannot take place without a walking stick.


The silhouette and the light!! I see the most amazing adventures taking place here between a child and their best dog friend.


and the winner is...

I kept coming back to this image over and over again. It is completely magical, and the forrest and DOF is amazing.
Love everything about it.

Again amazing submissions this week. Thank you so much Snap Maven for allowing me to be your guest judge this week. It was so fun to be on this side.

Erin McGregor Photography

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