Sunday, August 17, 2014

Favorites & Experiments 8.2-8.15

So sorry to be sharing this late, but thank you for all your lovely submissions this week! Please remember to submit favorites and experiments in the correctly dated folder, within the COMMENTS. Here are some of my favorites of the favorites. - Stacy

Ashlyn Mae Photography - I just love the crispness of this. Such a lovely portrait.

Jeri Layne Cox Photogrpahy - So much fun captured here - great expressions & perspectives too!

Brein Jenkins Photography - Long ago I had a Mustang, but I never captured it under an amazing sky, behind a tiny adorable person.

Jessica Davies Photography - Such a leap! Great motion, and lovey horizon.

Katie Andelman Photography - Fun symmetry here in the poses, gowns, and similarity of expression.

Colleen Adams Photography - Baby's face and grip: need more be said?

Tonya Cook Photography - Such a lovely, ethereal feel to this one.

Malina Saval Photography - Not as many experiments this week, but I really love this one, which utilized the light from the TV to create this lovely contrast.

Leah Nicolle Photography - Great face! And the little toes peeking at bottom...

Laughter Loves Photography - I love the light, the serenity, and the scale. And what an awesome chair!

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