Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Favorites and Experiments for the week of July 27th

I love looking at other photographer's work and so I've enjoyed looking at all of the Weekly Favorites. Sometimes I'll go to your pages and look through everything. Honestly, I'll get lost for hours. Everyone's work is so lovely. Thank you for letting me into your worlds and sharing your lives!
Here are 10 of my favorites from this week...

Charissa Daniel

 This made me laugh right out loud. When I showed it to my daughter she gasped that if this were her little girl, she would frame this and hang it over the fireplace! Ha ha..I couldn't agree more.


Christina Skinner Photography

I love photos where the person's back is to the camera and I'm not sure why. I love the light in her hair and the out of focus purple flowers. I'm impressed that you submitted anything after just having a baby Christina! Congratulations


Sonia Epple Fotografie

Well I'm not sure if this breaks the rules or not by not being taken by the actual photographer it's posted under but then again I don't much like rules. When I read that this was taken by your 8 year old son I thought..Wow! This kid's going to be scary good when he grows up. There's something so whimsical about it..a wonderful memory.


Kelly Colson Photography

What an amazing venue to photograph's just stunning. The old wood flooring and the paintings on the looks as though she stepped out of a time from long ago. I love the soft matte processing and well..I love everything about this!


The way she seems completely lost in her twirling is part of what captivated me here...and of course the light on those beautiful curls!


I absolutely Love your lighting! I think that the specks of water (or bugs?!) in the air are what make it such an enchanting shot. You really created a bit of magic! I would like to see how you did this!


How did you ever capture that look? This is wonderful! As I was creating the link here I went and took a peek at your work Sarah. It is absolutely lovely. One commenter said that they could spot your work from a mile away. Isn't that the nicest compliment! I can see what they mean.


The love between these two is palpable in this photo..and there's something else. The excitement for their future. Almost as if they can't believe how blessed they are. I love, love all of the white lighting. What a stunning capture Tiffany!


Ashlyn Mae Photography

Such a beautiful portrait. I love the sun flare and the processing. Somehow you managed to photograph her in all of that green and still keep a beautiful skin tone. Really well done!



I have to start out by saying that I really don't like cats. I mean really. I love this photo though and this is a stunning (albeit rather scary) looking creature! Those eyes are incredible..not to mention an amazing capture!


This week's photos curated by

Eastview Photography

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