Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly favourites and Experiments

So many beautiful shots - I had trouble choosing my favourites <3  -  Jana O./Photography 2204

This experiment caught my eye because it is so very opposite from what I do.  It is sweet, and mystical, and childlike.

This shot melts my heart.  There is absolutely nothing like the grin on a baby's face because he or she is getting love from a sibling, nothing.  So so sweet.

The water gives such a fabulous sense of movement, and I love the conversion with the deep, deep blacks.  Most of all I love the expression on the girl's face, and her goggles.

Gorgeous leading lines, and beautiful soft tones make this such a pretty summer shot!

The expression on this little girl's face totally makes this shot for me.  The frame is fairly clean, leaving the focus on her, with her arms stretched up and the excitement in her smile.

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