Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meet This Week's Judge: Candace Zugich

This week's judge is Candace Zugich of Blissful Maven Photography. Her emotive black and whites and rich colors characterize her signature look. Please enjoy learning a little more about her here! 

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi, everyone; I'm Candice! I'm a book worm, coffee drinking, spontaneous,wild at heart Fine Art/Lifestyle photographer. I'm love finding the beauty in all the things that make me happy. Finding Light is my favorite thing, everything about makes me giddy! I have 2 beautiful children Noah and Isla and awesome hubby who is super supportive. I love to experience everything I can. So if you ask for an adventure better bet I'll plan it haha. 

2.What ignited your passion for photography, and what fuels it now?

It ignited when my daughter was born, since I thought she might be my last I wanted to get everything documented. I also have an artistic side, I love to draw and paint as well. What fuels it, my love for creating my life in an artistic way. I love seeing the hard work I put into learning my craft on my walls. Making other families happy to have there images on the wall. makes my heart sour! I love teaching others as well ..that also fuels my desire to be better everyday.

3.Whats in your camera bag? and what do you use most?

In my bag I have a D700 and Sigma 35 1.4, 50 1.4, and a Tamron 70-200 2.8 and Sigma 85 1.4 (rented until i get my own) Right now I have been busy with personal work so I have my 35 on my D700 almost all the time right now, but I use the 85 A LOT! Love the bokeh! 

4.Whats your dream project shoot?

I used to think I had one, but now its whatever gets my creative juices going. I love shooting low light and back light. I'm not afraid to shoot directly into the sun. Its unpredictable and exciting. I love when a session goes totally the opposite of what I planned cause when I plan sessions to much its not as magical.

5. If you had $500 to spend on Photography:

What should you spend it on?
Hmm  probably a Drobo to store my images.

How do you wish you could spend it?
I wish I could spend it on a bunch of photography books and or classes. 

How would you really spend it?
Pay finance bills ( sad panda face)

Is there something you wish someone would have told you at the start of your photography journey?

You know I wish someone would have told me how down you get on yourself about your work. There's so may times where I hate what I have produced, but I wish someone would have said we all go through that, we all are own worst critics. There's so many amazing artists its hard to feel adequate, but hey all of us have the same feelings from time to time. We all go through dry spells, we all lost the spark at one time or another for a little bit. but it will always come back to us. I wish that someone told me to keep shooting even when you don't feel like it, keep being YOU and know one else. That's what I wish I would have known.

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