Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What an amazing week of submissions! 
I picked "fresh" because I wanted a theme that offered a lot of room 
for interpretation and creativity and, boy, you all rose to the challenge. 
Not only did you provide fresh subjects but also interpreted them with fresh perspective, 
spring-time stories, near-touchable textures, pops of color and brilliant composition. 
What a beautiful collection of work!
 It was hard to narrow my picks down to only 11. 

Here are the top 11 images:

This image tells the story of a fresh new day, visiting the chicken coop
 to gather eggs in the early morning light. The sunflare on the coop's roof 
and the rim light on the children add romance and a hopefulness to the story. 


Danielle Aisling/ Aisling Images

I love the composition of this image.
 It's a fresh perspective on the mushroom and the texture and reflection adds dimension and interest. 
The light coming from above leads my eye right into the subject. Just beautiful!!


Lorna Oxenham/ Lorna Oxenham Momtography

The colors, tone and light in this image really drew me in. 
It speaks to me about fresh from the garden. I can almost smell the fresh flowers! 
Also, I feel it tells the story of childhood simplicity, fresh life and 
the fresh possibilities from the Earth. 


Ashlee Conner Tomes/London's Bridge Photography

I enjoyed the dream-like quality of this photograph. The fresh blooms of spring mixed with the blur, light and airy colors really added to the spring symbolism. The flowers reaching up to the light also gave me a feeling of hope and new life. 


Andrea Snyder Martin/Andrea Martin Photography

You really cannot have a fresh theme without a newborn. The fresh life so filled with potential. I picked this image because of it's near perfect rosy-pink newborn skin color. 
Also, I really felt like the yawn spoke of the breath of new life.


Fresh touchable skin! I really wanted to reach through this image and feel this baby's sweet soft skin. This simple, well-lit, beautifully focused image brought to mind a whole story of a freshly bathed baby. I could practically smell the baby powder. Lovely!


Nicki Bosch/ Nicki Bosch Photography

This is also a masterfully told story using window light and lovely composition. It brings to mind the quiet moments after a warm bath, with a freshly clean and contented child. I love everything about this image, especially the rim light.


You would think making a photo of eggs in a basket would be easy, but it's not! To get the right balance of light and dark and create dimension and interest in such a simple subject requires patience and vision. Yes, this is fresh eggs in a basket, and it's also a fresh perspective with beautifully executed light and composition. This image reminded me of Josef Sudek's images of eggs. Very nice!


I love this image. Not only is it in the fresh outdoors, getting fresh and clean, but also Liz offers the viewer a fresh perspective. I can almost smell the fresh air. Lovely!


 Kristen Laurence/ Kristen Laurence Photography

There is so much to love about this photo: the simple bouquet with a bright pop of color against the white dress; perfect use of focus and blur; and the delicate leading lines of her arms. For me, this image is like a breath of fresh air; simple and clean. A lovely place for the eye to rest. 


And the winner is...

I kept coming back to this photograph throughout the week and every time I did I saw more. At first I just noticed the bright fresh fruit and the delicate drop left on the white plate. Then I noticed the fresh perspective offered by the close crop and the boy's gaze as well as the framing of the crisp white plate. And finally, finally, I noticed the boy's reflection in the spoon! A masterful composition combined with storytelling elements that keeps my attention. For me that's art! It's taking our work beyond the mommy goggles of a cute kid to the masterful combination of visual elements. Awesome!


Thank you all for a wonderful week. I learn something new with each weekly challenge and this week was no different. I enjoyed seeing everyone's contribution and creativity.
 Keep the fresh-thinking going. Thank you to the Snap Mavens for having me. 
This is a terrifically supportive community and I felt lucky to be included this week.

Juli Isola
Juli Isola Photography

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  1. BEAUTIFUL WORK EVERYONE! I will never look at a mushroom the same again! And that bath-sink photo... swoon....


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