Monday, February 13, 2017

{this adventure called life}

Thank you for the honor of judging this week. 
 I'm so pleased to be able to highlight these images.
The top ten in no particular order.

I chose this image because I really like the photojournalistic nature of the moment. The setting implies that a great adventure is about to begin and the figure entering the scene adds so much content to the story.

What greater adventure is there in life than that of being a parent? This image captures the love, the contentment, and a bit of the overwhelm that is parenthood.  I love the bright, clean conversion too.

 Anna Hurley Photography

I love the humor in this image and how the photographer put herself in the frame. The leading lines of her legs bring the eye directly to these two characters who are having such fun in the snow!

There are so many wonderful elements here - the beautiful storytelling, the edit and composition, the reflection and the expression on this little guy's face.  

This image reminds us that on this adventure called life, we must keep our sense of humor and not take life too seriously!  Technically, this image has so much to offer - lovely composition, a fantastic edit, big emotion and incredible timing!

They could be simply going to the grocery store, but the sense of peace on the subject's face and the wind in his hair suggest something bigger is happening.  Fantastic capture of an older child!  

I love this typical moment played out in this over-the-top location!  

The reflection of the subject and the atmosphere of the train demonstrate something fun and adventurous happening. I also love that the subject is out of focus which gives a mysterious, dreamy quality.

Perhaps the greatest adventure for children is simply to be free and play.  I adore this edit and the golden light of this carefree moment. 

How many times have I watched my own kids lead their own adventure in an everyday setting?  I love the trailblazing quality of this little one and the bright pop of yellow.


The tones, the movement of the grass, the people going up, the sense of wonder and excitement.  I adore the spirit of adventure in this gorgeous image!

Kate Cuénoud

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