Tuesday, February 7, 2017


was the theme I choose for this week's guest judging. 
I am a momma to five kids, ages 12 years to 18 months old. 
My life is centered around them and we place a lot our focus around playtime. 
Observing my kids in undirected play is where I learn the most about them,
 how their minds work, what they pick up, and how they are organizing it all.
 At this stage in my artistic journey, being able to tell the story
of how they are evolving and learning and changing fuels my passion for photography. 
I also love seeing other families valuing play in their own way. 
This week's theme has been a real treat for me; 
all the submissions of {PLAY} spoke directly to my momma heart. 
Here are a few that really stood out. 

Love, love, love b&w conversions and this one is perfect! The light coming through the window, the rim lighting, their gloriously adorable laughing faces!!  

This one had me stopping and taking a longer look. It adds so many of my favorite things together, three of them being Swings, Action, and Emotion!! 

Oh wow! Those eyes! The conversion, the hat, the harmonica..all coming together with this old-timey vibe, put this one on top! 

Perfect perceptive to tell this story. I love good action shots because as a viewer I am transported to this moment. The movement of the rope and the wind in the subjects shirt and the curling of his toes all that speaking to me on what this FEELS like! 

The first thing I see when looking at this image is that magnificent open-mouthed laugh. And because I am one of those people that laugh or cry just because someone else is, even if I don't know why.  I admittedly start cracking up and want to know what is so funny. Add in pink tutu's and a table full of friends, this is where I want to play!! 

Another one that makes me seriously giggle out loud. Boys! Love them and how they play. 
Perfect capture to remember this age! 

Yep, I'm a sucker for silhouettes! 
Add in little precious hands playing a classic hand clapping game 
and a few wisps of hair and I am swooning.

How cool is this!? Love the mirror and the effect it is creating with the colored doors in the background. The action of playing in the sink water makes this a very fun shot! 

A swing inside!! I must get one!! This shot has it all, handsome fella
with beautiful happy smile, action and THAT LIGHT!! 

I enjoy seeing adults playing just like kids. The composition of this image pulls my eye to the middle subject, where that look of complete admiration
from one so young completely melts my heart. 


This moment spoke to me as soon as I saw it. I love the colors and composition. The interaction with big Sis and little Bro pulls on my heart strings. The bond they are forming, the older sibling passing down the hand clapping game, how the two are facing each other, the light and the slant of the ceiling framing it, as well as the bands of light that are pulling focus into the subject, make this, for me, PERFECT! 

Carine Powers
Jupiter Hue Photography

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