Friday, February 17, 2017

Feature Friday with Northern Shadow!

Northern Shadow was the winner of our 'this adventure called life' challenge, and as we've featured Vicki several times here before (check out this post, and this one), we've asked if she would like to share a recent shoot with us instead of our standard interview!

"Christmas Tree Graveyard 

It would be a shame to waste what we have on our doorstep, so we come here often to burn off energy and have some fun and explore, we went further out this time, so when I found this little area I did a little happy dance. New places to photograph makes things interesting and I loved how unusual it was to see all the discarded Christmas trees at the sand dunes. I was curious as to why there were probably more than fifty trees there and I later found out that day after doing a bit of googling that they had been collected all over the local area after being thrown out after Christmas to try and they are used to deter the sand blowing into people's gardens and the surrounding roads.
The trees gave an unusual desert feel to the scene and left me feeling very inspired."

Find more of Northern Shadow's gorgeous work here:

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