Tuesday, September 6, 2016

{summer's last light}

There is something a little sad, a little desperate about the end of summer.  Trying to squeeze the last few drops of sunshine out, the last few chances to play deep into the evening, especially if you have kids who have to return to early morning wake ups, rushing through breakfast and racing off to school.

Every judge expresses their difficulty in narrowing down their choices to 11, and this week was no exception.  I could easily have done a top 20 or 30 post!  So many lovely submissions.

The tan lines did it for me, that and the messy, drippy hair.  And a moonlight swim to cap off the end of summer - perfect way to squeeze in a last bit of fun!

That gorgeous orange light that just feels like summer's end, perfection.

The processing in this image is just beautiful, the shadowy light, the lines, and his expression are work together to make a fantastic image.

You know how when you were a child and swinging and you felt like you could fly as high as the sky and never stop?  This image is all that feeling. The light, the flying hair, all fabulous.

This image drew me right away - something 'good bye' about it, as if she is saying farewell to summer.

The sparkling lights,the tones of the skyline, and most of all her expression - this is a gorgeous portrait and fits the 'summer's last light' theme so well!

The gorgeous light in this makes it an obvious fit for the theme, but I chose this image because of her outstretched toes, digging in the wet sand, and the curl blowing in the breeze.

As a mother, I love images of children, but I have such an appreciation for those photos of non-human subjects. This photo is stunning - the light, the bokeh, the wispy hints of spider webs (I think?).  Beautifully done Ashley!

What a dreamy sunset!  The cotton candy skies at the end of summer are so lovely, and the two littles crouched down, soaking it all in, makes it extra special.

I just adore all the texture in this image - the rough lines of the dock, the gentle, silky waves, so perfect.  And the peek of setting sun is just icing on the cake!

And the winner is...

This image kept pulling me back - it's almost haunting and a little sad, sort of the way I feel at summer's end.  The delicate simplicity, processing and choice of focus (lens baby? free lensing?) all work so beautifully together.  I would print this big and hang it on my wall - gorgeous work Mari!

Thank you for sharing all your stunning interpretations of 'summer's last light,'
Mavenista Jana ~ Photography 2204

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