Thursday, September 29, 2016

Meet This Week's Judge: Lisa Simon

This week, Lisa of Lisa Simon Photo has asked for your quiet moments. Hopefully, you are enjoying one of those right now, and can enjoy Lisa's photos and photography journey.

1. Tell us about yourself...

My name is Lisa Simon and I'm a natural light monochromatic photographer based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Married to my dear husband for 12 years, together we have two children, ages 8 and 5 (girl and boy). I've loved working with clients, but my first passion is documenting my children's day to day lives.

2. What ignited your passion for photography, and what fuels it now?

It started with my kids and it still comes back to them. Always.

3. What’s in your camera bag right now, what do use the most? the least?

Nikon D750 and two lenses: 35 1.4 and 70 - 200. My 35 is on my camera body 99% of the time.

4. What’s your dream project or shoot?

My children in the great outdoors.

5. What is the biggest challenge you face as a photographer?

Capturing my kids in their moments, but also allowing myself to be a part of those moments. It's a bit of a fine balance.

6. If you had $500 to spend on photography...
How should you spend it? I'd apply it to a new lens How do you wish you could spend it? New lens How would you really spend it? New lens :)

7. Is there any one thing you wish someone had told you at the very beginning of your photography journey?

Dare to be different. It's okay that your work is not for everyone. Do what speaks to you as an artist, and whatever happens will happen. It will take time, patience,and LOTS of practice, but you will find your way (and your style).

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