Tuesday, September 27, 2016

{childhood emotions}

As parents to four children ranging from ages 4-9, my husband and I experience the many different emotions of childhood quite frequently in our home. Capturing those emotions and looking back at the images later can really bring back the memories from that specific moment- seeing all of the submissions was quite awesome for me.

This image is just the sweetest thing- her excitement is contagious, and the negative space leaves me wanting know just what she is so excited about.

Not only are the tones in this photograph absolutely superb, but the subject is embracing childhood emotions to the max. So so good.

The perspective of this one is perfect. It really emphasizes on just how upset this little man is- emotions captured wonderfully.

This right here is childhood in a nutshell. I could practically hear him yelling 
(probably about something not very major).

I LOVE everything about this image-- from the tones, to the expression, to the baby's gorgeous eyes.

This little girl is gorgeous, and her laughter captured in this photo is just perfect. Plus, she's got rocking glasses.

Oh my goodness! I saw this one and instantly smiled! Her happiness is just beaming through this photo- and the perspective is wonderful!

The bond between siblings is truly beautiful, and Brandi did a perfect job at capturing it. Plus, I am a sucker for a moody black and white, and this one did the trick for me. 

This little girl's excitement is amazing! I feel proud for her, and I don't even know her! SO good. 

This one got me good. I love how happy and excited she is- plus the black and white conversion is pure perfection! 

And the winner is....

Childhood doesn't get better than this-- pure elation mixed with beautiful tones and the most perfect light leak. SO SO well done.

I LOVED getting to see all of the submissions for the Childhood Emotions theme! Thank you so much for sharing them with me. 

Jen Fredette
Mountain Pearl Photography 


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