Friday, May 15, 2015

Feature Friday with Viveash Photography!

The incredibly talented Rebecca Viveash of Viveash Photography was the winner of last week's 'you are my wild' challenge, and as we have featured her work here before, she has graciously agreed to share some new photos close to her heart <3


I believe that places have souls. Not in a weird ghosts-a-round-every-corner way, but in a way which draws you or repels you. Why or how they do, I don't really care, that's not important to me. All I know is you know when you know, you know?! . For me, Penang is such a place. It's about a four hr drive from where we live and we go back time and time again, just for its soul. It's our family's bolt hole. Smiles are made, bridges are built and even the rain feels like it falls straighter. So here's a little glimpse into where my heart is in Malaysia.

You can find more of Viveash Photography here:

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