Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Last week we had the pleasure of having Jordan Voight, with Jordan Voigt Photography, as our guest judge. She picked the theme "Extraordinary in the Ordinary" and had an array of amazing images to choose from.  Here are Jordan's favorites.  

Top 10 in no particular order:

I went back to this capture several times, something about it just drew me in. I love the moment and the tones. 

The lighting, the connection, the shapes. Everything about it is perfect! 

This one makes me smile. I want to be on that street corner eating ice cream! 

I love the lines and the sky. It is simple, yet extraordinary! 

This one impresses me so much! It looks like something that might ordinarily get passed over, but the attention to details it impeccable. I love all the lines and shapes. 

The shapes and shadows make this capture so interesting. Great eye! 

I love this perspective and the sweet story here. 

The dramatic sky and reflections are so beautiful! 

Such a cool way to look at playing in the park. I love the movement! 

I love the little peep of sun flare coming from the window and all of the different colors! 

And the WINNER is...

The moment I saw this image, it was an instant favorite of mine! I just love everything about it! 


Tia Costello

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