Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I truly loved seeing all the different intrepretations of 'bold!' From the colours, to the movements, bravery to flavours - so beautiful!
The following images are the ones that pulled me back, again and again:

All those crazy patterns are just wild, but my favourite part is the glasses!

We have had a very strange winter here too, and more grass showing at this time of year than is usual. I love that you found a little boldness in nature (fight that cold and snow!), and the light and pretty bokeh in this shot is beautiful!

I'm really drawn to the calm expression vs that wild hair toss - and of course that beautiful light!

I'm a sucker for simple, and there is much to love about this shot. The bare feet of the littlest, the way they are scooched in together but looking in different directions, and of course all that brilliant RED!

Good gracious, that hair is FABULOUS!  Keep your crazy, bold hair wild little one, it's awesome!

That wall <3 <3 <3 Love the centre composition, and the stripes of her (his?) shirt against the pattern of the background!

I love how it feels like this is a scene from a movie. Everyone is looking in a different direction, but the boy in the bold, bright shirt is taking a flying leap off a fence. 

Gorgeous colours, and I like the contrast between a celebration (Holi) and the absolutely quiet, deserted scene behind the subject.
Kati Merchant

Of course the colours match the theme, but her face!  It screams mischief and trouble (the good kind) lol!

If there is such a thing as quiet boldness, this image is it. Incredibly simple, and just arresting. The lighting and her strong gaze are beautiful.

I've chosen this image as our winner this week:

For obvious reasons, this was a perfect choice for our theme. Coupled with the words on the poster and the pose of strength, the bold red shirt against the neutrals in the background draws my eye right to the subject. I hope you print this for her!

Thank you for sharing your 'bold' images with me!

Jana ~ Photography 2204

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