Friday, March 24, 2017

Feature Friday with Kate Cuénoud Photography!

We were fortunate enough to have Kate Cuénoud Photography as a guest judge earlier this year. Read on to find out all about her, and make sure to visit her Facebook page as well as her website - her landscape work in particular is breathtaking, and she has a lovely way of capturing everyday moments and making them look so special!

1. Tell us about yourself...

I am an American living in Switzerland with my Swiss husband and youngest two children. Our oldest daughter attends college in the US. I love photography, nature, travel, art, history and Friday Movie Night.

2. What ignited your passion for photography, and what fuels it now?

I have been taking photos since I was eight (and I’m old so that’s a loooong time)! I remember squirreling away my money to buy and develop film.  I have always been an observer of people, a shy and quiet person fascinated by everyday human behavior and emotion, experimentation, and the natural world.  Those things still inspire me.

3. What’s in your camera bag right now, what do use the most? the least?

I shoot primarily with the Canon 6d and Sigma 35 Art lens.  I have other lenses, but the only other lens I use occasionally is my 100 macro.  I also carry extra batteries, a cleaning cloth, a prism and a plastic tube in a small bag.

4. What’s your dream project or shoot?

My dream project is to photograph a homebirth or go with a family on a travel adventure to record their experience.

5. What is the biggest challenge you face as a photographer?

Time to develop my goals.  I have a lot of creative ideas, but not a lot of dedicated, uninterrupted time to execute those ideas.

6. If you had $500 to spend on photography...
How should you spend it? Consulting time to take my ideas to the next level.
How do you wish you could spend it? Train tickets and hotel for a few days in a new place.

How would you really spend it? On a new lens like a Lensbaby or some accessories. Maybe just to have my camera professionally cleaned!

7. Is there any one thing you wish someone had told you at the very beginning of your photography journey?
Not really.  I have enjoyed each step of my journey, even those that have been uncomfortable, and can see how essential each has been to my development as an artist. A friend once told me that when you feel stuck, it only means you are on the verge of a breakthrough. That mantra has proven to be true to me and has seen me through a lot of difficult periods!

Find more of Kate's gorgeous work here:

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