Tuesday, October 25, 2016

{the great outdoors}

Fall is finally in the air down here in Florida, so “The Great Outdoors” seemed like a perfectly appropriate theme. We love getting outside when it’s not too hot, and I’m a big fan of using my environment in photographs. You guys certainly didn’t disappoint this week! So many beautiful submissions! 

This image is breathtaking. Beautiful composition and depth of field. 

The light and tones are gorgeous here. And I’m obsessed with wind…it adds so much to an image! 

I love the composition here.

This is stunning. It’s all about perspective here! 

Again, I love the tones here…and the pop of color. This is a perfect representation of the great outdoors. 

The composition here drew my attention. I love their little silhouettes up top. 

I love the tones and the subject here. 

The muted tones here are divine. And I love that they appear to be having a quiet moment together. 

This image is perfection. I love the tones, the gorgeous sunflare, the moment it captures between the girls… 

I love the somber moment captured here. And the tones in the sky are just stunning.

And the winner is....

This is stunning. I love the tones, the free lensing, the moment itself. Just a beautiful image.

Guest Judge, Jennifer Kielich 
Jennifer Kielich Photography

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