Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Wow! So many incredible entries this week, thank you all for sharing your work with me! I had a blast going through all of them! I chose this theme because I get so much inspiration out of a good film, if I come across a beautifully filmed movie I will watch it on repeat and I really think that has inspired some of my work! Y'all blew me away with y'all's interpretations of "Cinematic". 

What a beautiful moment! Beautiful use of light and color. I can feel the crisp air and hear the lake settling into the evening behind him.

I'm a sucker for a good faceless image. Love the mood that the blinds are creating and also how I can see the camera in the bottom left corner. Lovely B&W conversion Kianna!

Oh goodness, this one immediately stopped me in my tracks. The movement, the colors and that red hair! Truly looks like a scene in a movie, amazing work!

Catherine, this is a stunning image. The subjects face is giving off so much emotion and I love how you topped all of that off with some stunning dappled lighting. Gorgeous!

This image looks like a distant childhood memory, I fell in love with it when I first saw it. Beautifully Cinematic!

I can't help but smile every time I see this image! Such a fun moment and the color scheme is incredible! Really love this, Kristina!

This image is so intimate, I feel like I'm there with them. I love the artistic framing used here, it adds so much feeling! 

You can't look at this image and not feel something. It is beautiful and almost haunting. I love the artistic use of shooting at a slow shutter speed, I've been thinking about toying with that here lately and you just gave me the kick to! Thank you, Angela!

I chose this image because it gave me the same nostalgic feeling and old home video does. Such a special moment and lovely image!

Stunning movement and colors! I can feel the summer heat and luke-warm water being splashed. Lovely job, Kati!

And the winner is......   

This image really pulls me in, I want to know the story behind it. I love images that keep me thinking...the tones, lighting, composition and connection won me over. Lovely job, Twyla. 

A big thank you to Snap Maven for asking me to guest judge this week! Keep up all of the inspiring work my friends!

Chloe Rosser

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