Tuesday, October 4, 2016

{the quiet moments}

Lovely work this week! The submissions for "the quiet moments" were wonderful and it was so difficult to narrow it down to 11. Thank you ALL for sharing your art with me and the rest of the community. I picked this theme because I think there is great worth (and beauty) in taking the time to slow down and JUST BE. We all know how hectic life can get, and I often find that those quiet moments are when I have the time to truly reflect and just appreciate all that I've been blessed with. My hope is that you'll also find the same peace and joy away from the every day schedules, deadlines, and activities, so that you too can soak it all in.

The simplicity, shadows, and composition in this timeless photo are beautiful. The darkness takes center stage while the minimal light plays second fiddle. Beautiful.

Dana has an amazing way of turning every day life into beautiful art. This one is no exception. The Little Red Riding Hood theme is adorable and I'm intrigued by what her angelic daughter is taking the time to observe. 

What a splendid moment between the different generations. I love how much of a story this image tells, plus the conversion is icing on the cake.

Is there anything better than baby cuddles? Love the connection, plus that chunky baby arm is sooooo cute.

The "under the furniture" perspective here is so entertaining and interesting. As a mom to two young kids, I often spend a lot of time on the ground with them, so I can relate! Tia did a great job of allowing this charming child to take up a small portion of the picture, yet the composition brings your eyes straight there, face to face. So good!

I'm in love with the mood and tones in this image. That precious face and body language screams "Come take care of me!" without saying any actual words. What a powerful image.

Beautiful girl and beautiful conversion. Those beams of light are glorious too. She looks like she's enjoying every minute of reveling in her own thoughts.

This one made me giggle and is the epitome of childhood. A little kid probably playing quietly in a toy box, someone calls for her, and up she pops surrounded by toys and wearing "dress up" glasses that are way too small for her face. What a perfect moment captured.

This portrait reminds me exactly what it's like to be a mother. Both children aware of their surroundings, yet Mom is so consumed by her love for her own that her focus is completely on them and nothing else. There isn't anything in the world that's more important to her, and she knows they are the greatest gifts she'll ever receive.

A boy and his best friend share a bond that is so meaningful to the two of them. I'm a dog lover and I know how important these animals are to us, as both children and adults. Some days you just need someone to sit with you and provide you with the companionship that no one else can give. Dogs always seem to be able to provide that, no matter what. Very endearing. 

And the winner is.....

Wow, this image is breathtaking. Seriously gorgeous. That window light is nothing short of fabulous, and the way it falls on the little girl's innocent face and eyes is stunning. So clear! Kristey has TRULY created a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. I kept coming back to this one over and over and just knew that it was my top choice. BRAVO!

A big thanks to Snap Maven for allowing me to guest judge. It was a pleasure spending the week with everyone!
Warmest wishes,

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