Friday, August 26, 2016

Feature Friday with Corinne Trively Photography!

Corinne Trively Photography is the winner of last week's 'my life in monochrome' challenge, and she has graciously given us a peek into her camera bag as well as her advice for new photographers!

1. Please tell us about yourself...

My name is Corinne Trively, I live in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, although I am from Pittsburgh and spent 13 years living in Montana, where I met my best friend and husband. We have three children, 4 dogs, and 2 cats who keep us endlessly occupied and who are daily subjects of my photography! A few of my favorite things (besides my camera) are quiet moments at home with my family on the weekends spent pouring cups of tea and snuggling, long hikes with my dogs, and simply observing the beauty all around me.

2. Can you describe your style in 3 words? Why those words?

I would describe my photography style as natural; I look for the beauty in the average everyday moment and seek to bring it to it's full glory through my images, moments that are relatable and identifiable to the viewer.  Soulful; if I feel inspired to shoot something or someone, it's because what I am seeing has moved my soul in some way, even the most mundane seemingly unpoetic moments stir my heart and soul.  Unposed; I'm really not interested in manipulating a situation to shoot, I love shooting interactions that are real...that is what really inspires and excites me!

3. What sparked your passion for photography?

A few years ago, when I first started my photography journey, the thing that sparked my passion to learn and shoot and create art was a long time love and obsession of works of great photographers...I have always loved the medium of still images, even as a kid. I honestly never imagined I'd get to the place where I am now in my journey. As my children grew older and a bit more independent I saw an opportunity to tap into a longtime dream and passion of my own, and literally just decided to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a camera with a kit lens ( I didn't even know how to turn it on, no exaggeration)! I fell in love that very day!

4. What's in your camera bag right now?

Right now in my camera bag is my Canon 5d M3, my Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 lens, my Canon 24-70 F/4 lens, and a couple of Lara bars...cuz a hungry photographer is a grumpy photographer, and we can't have that! Those are my 2 go-to every day lenses I love to shoot with for the most diversity, that allow me to shoot in the story-telling way that I love.

5. What is your dream shoot or project?

My dream photo shoot project? Wow, that's a tough one! Well, this may sound simplistic, but lately I've been dying to go to a nursing home and spend a day documenting elderly folks. I'm very interested in how our culture treats groups of very elderly people, and I would love to tell their story through my that not many of us have an opportunity to hear about and learn from.

6. What are some of the misconceptions you had about photography and photographers at the beginning of your photography journey? Have they changed, and how?

The biggest misconception of photography at the beginning of my journey: that I would never gain the respect of other photographers to whom I looked up and admired and were inspired by. I still pinch myself when I get messages and comments about my work from photogs whose work I adore who say, "hey, your work is good"! This is a very supportive, encouraging and generous craft, there are many of us who are willing and eager to help teach those who need a few tips along the way!

7. What advice would you give to newbie photographers? What advice do you wish you'd been given at the very beginning?

Probably the best advice I could offer newbie photographers would be to shoot. Shoot every day, all day. Practice, practice,, watch tutorials, study works of pros who you admire and love. Learn to look for not only the light, but moments that will make a great image.  Work hard...pour your sweat, blood, and tears into learning all you can...your hard work and dedication will pay off and will show in the beauty and quality of your work. Don't give's not always easy, but nothing great comes without lots of work! There really isn't any advice I wish I'd been given at the very beginning of my journey...I always believed in myself, and that's when we are able to realize the dreams we have for ourselves. Support will be there from others when you need it, but if you don't stay humble and believe in your abilities, then nobody can give you any magic bits of advice to help you succeed!

Find more of Corinne's beautiful work here:

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  1. Having an obsession with dogs, I started following Corinne because of her photos of Moses! Very soon after I started following her for the sake of her precious fur babies, I fell in love with her other photos too! I live in an area of many small name photographers and out of all the pictures I've seen, I've been most impressed with hers. You truly can tell that she has a natural talent with photography and that you can almost live in that moment through her pictures!

    Keep up the amazing work Corinne!
    -Breanna Hogan


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