Tuesday, August 30, 2016

{contact with nature}

I love this underwater image or this girl, she looks so comfortable and relaxed under the water whilst the others play around her!  I love the feeling of calm it evokes, great shot!

I love everything about this image, the girl's expression, the conversion to black and white which works so well in drawing the attention to the girl amidst the surrounding of a beautiful environment.  

Oh this image is the epitome of childhood, running through the long grass with the sun shining creating strong shadows.  I love the golden tones in this image and the crop is perfect!

This image just popped right out at me, those sandy hands at the forefront of the image, the details of the little grains of sand so perfectly captured.  A great example of kids getting messy and enjoying nature. 

What is not to love about this image, I love the reflection of the child and sky in the water and the pop of green against all of that lovely blue!  

I feel like I can feel the movement of the wind blowing through this girl's hair, this is a beautifully natural moment captured and I love the moody black and white conversion.

So I am a bit of a sucker for silhouettes and this one is totally awesome.  I I love the ripples in the water and how she is so perfectly placed in the middle of the whole scene.  The beautiful sky, the amazing light and the framing of the trees in this image all work together to make a fabulous shot. 

I kept coming back to this image, something about the way she is looking it to the lens and her expression make this image both powerful and strong.  I love the juxtaposition of the young girl in a forest full of old trees.

This image is full of fun, a child doing what children love best, getting totally covered in mud.  The child looks ecstatic and I love the little bit of sun flare coming through!  

This image is so adorable, I love the tones and the enquiring little mind of the child sitting in the long grass.  A great capture of childhood! 

And the winner is.....

Oh my goodness I am so in love with this beautiful, stunning image. That amazing light, the bokeh, the depth of the tones and the moment captured in this shot are all totally breathtaking and I love how it captures what looks to be a magical moment of enjoying nature. 

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