Wednesday, July 6, 2016

{into the wild}

Thank you for sharing your photos with me this week! It was fun going through all of them and seeing how the theme was interpreted. All of this talent made it hard to choose only 10 images! 

The colors in this image are to die for, I love that you can sense the feeling of her courage, being so little and taking those steps into the wild.

I love the wonder in this image, its straight out of a children's storybook! 

I am a sucker for shooting through leaves and plants, this approach makes this image 

Oh this one is beautiful! I love her stray hair, the flower crown, her expression, and the black and white tones that draw me into all of those details. 

The depth of field here, the dreaminess, how she is lost in her moment examining those flowers, all of this is just perfection!

This child venturing out into the wild bravely with the vast expanse of the sky and their fluffy clouds, the mountains in the distance and the reflection of it all in the water as the backdrop is absolutely breathtaking.

This is such a fun interpretation of this theme! I know my son would love an image of him among dinosaurs in the wild!

This image screams childhood, their joy, the thrill of running free, barefoot in the grass. 

Venturing out into the sea, the waves crashing all around her. Her strength and steadiness against the uncertainty and unpredictability of the waves and surf. 

I love this one for his expression, how he runs through the water with freedom, the use of tilt shift making this image so dreamy and the details of the water droplets.

And the winner is:

The mountains, the details of the flowers and rocks in the foreground, the little flower in her hand, her expression, I love everything about this!

Danielle Stevens Photography

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