Tuesday, July 19, 2016

{in motion}

Whoa! I am blown away by the array of images submitted and all the different ways we can show movement in our images using varied techniques.  Thank you so much for having me, Snap Maven!

Top Ten Finalists in no particular order,

Jenny’s Photos
I love this freeze frame of motion and her hair! The tones are gorgeous as well.

Such a fantastic panning shot! The black and white really manages to draw you right to her.  The blur surrounding everything but her face is mesmerizing.

Oh my gosh I can just hear that water splashing and those little feet pounding in the water right now! I also adore the bubbles moving towards us on the right.

Those bouncy curls don’t even need to be in focus to share that they’re moving! This just feels like a fond memory – in the best way possible.

Big or little – does any girl not enjoy “swishing” around in a tulle skirt? I can completely picture myself IN this motion and I love the OOF along the top.

Come on, this is just cool – and amazing timing.  The shock on his own face is so great!

With a flip of that skirt and a light gait. The lighting on this is superb and the crop is perfect – left me wondering what exactly she’s up to going down those steps!

This is a summer evening in one shot. The tones, the light, the water droplets shooting every which way, the blurry and out of focus form life seems to take on as the day wears on. It’s just gorgeous.

What fun! I love her foot, skirt, and hair all being in completely synch with one another. It caught my eye right away.
Oh man, #43 throwing himself forward for the sake of the ball – seeing that suspended in time? Awesome. And the faces of the other boys on the field totally match the moment!

And the winner is...

Well hellloooo summer! I can hear the shrieks accompanying this moment and guess everything that happened before it to make this happen! I love the smirk on the older girl and the youngers delighted face. The water (?) held in complete form and suspension is awesome.

Guest Judge - Daphne Laput

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