Tuesday, June 14, 2016

{out my front door}

 {out my front door}

I love all of the lines in this photo and how beautiful composed it is - and really, who can resist a chubby toddler up to some mischief?

What an adorable capture through the front door!  I suspect these three get up to all kinds of shenanigans.

I was hoping to see some takes on this theme that included non-traditional front doors!  I live in the country so it's neat to see the environment around this condo.  Love those shadows and the moment shared by the girls.

What a simple but provocative and stunning take on the theme.  I love the softness of it and it makes me wonder what they are looking at.

SO perfectly composed!  The negative space, the reflection, the simplicity of it all - I just love it.

The moment, the colours, the porch swing, the house in the distance - I love this view from a front door!

I love this very original take on the theme.  Beautifully done.

Everything about this is wonderful - the composition, the expressions, the B&W conversion (and I say this as someone who does 99% of her work in colour!).  Stunning!

Can you even imagine having this view every day!?  Beautiful shot!
  Megan Hassold


I cannot get enough of this photo - the light, the joyous kids having a blast in their neighbourhood, the softness, the background.  Perfect!

Thank you for the opportunity to be judge at Snap Maven - it is always a huge honor!
And then I always kick myself at the end when I have to pick favourites - this was HARD.  
Joni Burtt

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