Friday, January 8, 2016

Feature Friday with Haley Cummins Photography!

The winner of last week's 'favourite of 2015' challenge was Haley Cummins of Haley Cummins Photography (you have to go check out the ridiculously adorable shot she won with here).  Haley has been featured on our blog in the past (you can check out her post and interview here), so she has graciously shared her thoughts on transitioning to lifestyle photography, as well as shared some more of her gorgeous work.

"After having my second child, photography took a turn for me. It brought me back to the photographs I took of my first, and I realized how many I took of him that had very little meaning to me. I could remember trying to set him in a particular spot in my studio, make him smile just right, the struggle, the screaming, the frustration that comes with a young child and portrait photography. As I looked back at most of the photos I had of him, I cringed. My beautiful boy, captured only in a strange and unfamiliar environment, being told what to do, where to sit, how to look. My mind naturally thought about all the other photos I had taken of other children, some of the miserable fails I had experienced with kids who simply did not want to be posed. This is when I realized I wanted to switch things up. I had already fallen in love with some lifestyle photographers, followed and studied some of their work/methods. 9 months later, and I have never been happier! The memories I have now I will cherish forever. And the same goes for my clients. 

I think I’m still making the transition from “posed” photography to lifestyle/documentary, and it’s a big change. Trying to sell the photography that I want to pursue isn’t easy, but I have found that my clients fall in love with the more natural style I’m trying, once they see themselves in the photos. I absolutely love doing these sessions, as well as capturing my own family in a more relaxed way. I have become much more satisfied with my work, and I’m able to be more creative and grow much quicker now. Portrait photography still has a place in my heart, and every now and then I will get one or two posed shots of my kids, and my clients, but I usually try to push every session in the lifestyle direction. 

When I look back at photos of myself as a child, I am always drawn to the ones taken in my home, or out at a park, playing and laughing with my sister, or on my dad’s shoulders. I think my own kids will really love and appreciate the photos I have taken of them, when they are older. The ones of my son jumping on his bed, or of my daughter crawling around on the floor. And I hope that I can share this style more with my clients, to help capture real moments, real memories, that are taken in a professional way." ~ Haley

You can follow Haley on Facebook, or visit her website for more information!

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