Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meet This Week's Judge: Erin Hensley

This week, Erin of Erin Hensley Photography is judging our "quiet" theme. 
She's shared a few images from her monochrome 365 project, 
showcasing the richness and depth that monochrome brings to an image. 

"After completing my second 365 project in 2014, I was sure I wasn’t going to do another, at least not consecutively. As the first of the year approached, I began feeling increasingly sad that my project was almost over. I just had this aching feeling that I would regret not continuing on with another 365 in 2015. A feeling I couldn’t shake. I knew I needed to change things up a bit, though.

I had considered an all black + white project in the past, but decided against it. The love of color from others all around me, influenced me to the point that I thought my project had to have color too. Don’t get me wrong, I love color photographs, but I just have such a fondness for black + white photography. So with the 1st of the year upon me, I made a decision. I would finally tackle a daily monochromatic project. One black + white photo every day.

I am now two months in and haven’t regretted the decision for a second. I’m already feeling pleased that I went this route because I feel like my vision for a good black + white photo is growing stronger. I have to look for it every single day. Some days, I do have to work a little harder to make a *good* monochrome image. Not everything lends itself to being converted to black + white.

Since my project started, I’ve shot in monochrome mode more than ever. I think seeing my results on the back of the camera as I go helps me keep my vision strong and clear. Seeing my photos immediately in color sometimes sways me and makes me want to keep them that way. I keep an eye out for contrasting patterns and keep things in my home handy that will make for a good black + white. Yes, you heard that right - when buying pillows, throw blankets, etc. it’s usually done with a monochrome photo in mind. ;) But honestly, having those contrasting elements makes such a huge difference and makes it easier to do this on the daily. On days where I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I can grab something from my own home, hand it to one of my kids and it instantly brings so much more interest to the photo, with barely any effort.

Light is obviously something I consider when shooting for a black + white photograph. I, of course love backlighting at sunset. What photographer doesn’t? However, the light that I’m drawn to most is the dim light. It’s soft, it’s quiet and I feel it adds a fine art feel to my photos. 

My hope with this project was that I would learn even more about black + white photographs, and I feel that I already am. I’m learning more about how and why I shoot the way I do. It’s not just the blacks and the whites and the shades of grey in between that I love, but the sense of quiet, the simplicity, and the calmness that comes over me."

Erin Hensley Photography

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