Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It was so fun to get to sit in as a guest judge this week.
Just like being a mom to a growing child, it has been amazing to see 
the growth and evolution of Snap Maven.
I am purposefully hands off in many ways so it was a 
special treat to take the reigns back a wee bit this week. 

The reason I chose {character} for the theme this past week
 had a little something to do with my daughter. 
If you follow my work at all, you know that she is quite the character!

But the real story is more about the little handmade book 
of favorite quotes I keep on my desk. 
This is where I picked the quote that illustrated this week's theme.

"Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones"
~Phillips Brooks

I believe this to be very true. 
Our character is manifested in what we choose to do with our small moments 
and what we choose not to do as well. 
It is those small moments that make up our lives as a whole.

So it is without further ado, that I present to you


First of all, gorgeous sun flare and haze!
 Second I love the way their personalities are captured along with the costumes. 
Great composition, posing, and narrative. I also love the color palette 
with the complimentary colors of yellow and purple and that great pop of red in the cape.


I love that these grown ups put their true character on display here.
 Parents are sometimes so caught up in being a grown up that they forget how to play. 
Not this group though! Lucky kiddos!
The use of light here is pretty awesome too, epic would be a good word!


I just love the story in this image. The helping hand, not afraid to get dirty 
in order to help someone else up. I love how strong the forearm looks and there is a great range of tones from highlight to shadow that captures the form in an amazing way.


This a great capture. I love the non traditional crop here as all you need
 to tell this minimalist story is those eyes! 
Great conversion on top and perfect shadows.


 Scars tell the world a lot about what we have lived through. 
For some, scars are flaws, a mark of imperfection or something to be covered up. 
Personally I believe scars should be celebrated. 
This little guy will probably not remember the circumstances that gave him this scar, 
but that scar will be there to remind him, and his family of all that that they have already overcome. That scar represents hope and is  a promise that despite what might come next, 
they can get through it, too! 
And that is what character is all about! 
(The wispy bedhead curls and gorgeous blue eyes are pretty awesome too!)


Great conversion here and I love the bird's eye angle. I am just drawn in to the moment 
and I can just hear their little snickers. It says so much about a family and the character of the parents when you see such amazing connection between siblings!


Character need not be confined to the human species. I love the way purples and greens are just meant to be together. I also love the repetition of pattern and line here in the curves of the blossoms and the leaves as well as how they all stand magnificently tall and straight
 both pointing to and emulating their creator.


From the huge eyes to the tiny water droplets reflected in the sun, 
there is so much character in this image!


I can just see the wiggle of those little bottoms!
 It is so amazing to see what a love affair little girls have with their own reflections! 
May that fascination become self-respect as opposed to self loathing or narcissism. 
Great color palette here as well and awesome repetition of angled lines between the deck, 
her suit and the railing which is so artfully broken up by the floral pattern of the second suit!
Such a fun and well executed image!

And the winner is...

There is a lot going on in this fairly minimalist image. The use of color and geometric lines is very impressive as is the capture of the child's body language. Here is a child that is not afraid to hop up on the sink to take care of an injury she most likely received while being a spirited rambunctious soul. There is a slight tension in the way that she is holding her torso and her hands. The crossed ankles show a bit of apprehension for the sting of medicine that may be coming but also a relaxed sense of knowing that it will all be okay and in a few minutes she will be off and spirited and rambunctious once again. The vertical line of the toilet paper helps to repeat the pattern created by the vertical lines in the tiles and cabinets as well as those of the injured leg. Those vertical lines are broken up by horizontal lines and the single diagonal line of the leg crossed under the vertical leg. There are also a reception of circles created by the toilet seat lid, the tp roll, her sleeves and the sink faucet that help lead the eye through the image diagonally. 

There were so many amazing images, I wish I could have shared them all! 
Blessings to you and may you have a fabulous week!

Julie Moses is an art teacher slash homeschool mom turned lifestyle photographer. 
She is also one of the founding Mavenistas at Snap Maven. She has four children 
ranging in age from 21 down to 5, so she knows a thing or two about 
the importance of capturing and documenting fleeting moments. 
Her five year old may in fact be the most photographed child on the planet. 
She lives with her musician husband in the arid SoCal desert where
 he is daddy to their brood and witness to her unique caffeine fueled
 brand of klutziness known as “style and grace.”

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