Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet This Week's Judge: Kim De Araujo

This week, Kim of Kim De Araujo Photography is helping us with our 'holiday magic' theme. Enjoy the magic of her photos, right here.

1. Tell us about yourself: 

I live just outside Austin, Texas with my husband, three kids and one rescue dog. I am a hobbyist and enjoy documenting the life of my family and friends. 

2. What sparked your photographic journey? What drives you now? 

My background is in marketing and advertising, so I feel like I've always been a visual person and enjoyed visual mediums-whether it's a yearbook layout, advertisement, website layout or photographs. I've always had some type of camera to document my life, but the birth of my kids, like so many others, ignited my interest in learning more. Now, my family and personal projects fuel my interest. I love the hunt for light and figuring out how I can use it. The peace I feel when shooting also fuels my interest. 

3. What's in your bag? 

My main camera is a D700 and a variety of lenses. I use my Sigma 35mm the most, followed by the 24-70mm, which I've really grown to enjoy this year. I also have a Fuji XE-1 what as a family we all use. It's a fun camera. Finally, I have a Nikon F100 that doesn't get the attention it deserves--maybe in 2015!

4. What is your dream shoot? 

I have recently started volunteering at my local county animal shelter photographing dogs. I LOVE it. I feel like this is my dream project. It's so fulfilling for me to merge two of my passions together for such a great cause. 

5. What is your biggest challenge? 

I am just about to wrap up my 2nd consecutive 365 and while it has been the best thing I've ever done for my photography (for many, many reasons) it has also been the hardest. Staying fresh, working through slumps and remaining inspired has been a big challenge. Also, I am sure in the not to distant future, my kids will not be as cooperative as they are today about my camera, so finding new and fresh ways to express myself without them will be a challenge. 

6. If you had $500...

I should stash it aside for new glass. I've got my eye on two lenses--each very different. 
I wish I could get a new daily use camera bag--mine needs to retire.
Honestly, I really would save it. 

7. What advice do you wish you had been given? 

 It's not a race. It's so easy to feel like you need to sprint as fast as you can to the finish line. But reality is, there is no finish line. And to learn to enjoy all the detours along the way. 

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