Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet Last Week's Judge: Jennifer Potter

Last week we had Jennifer of Photographs by Jennifer guest judging the "low light" theme. Her own photos are filled with lovely contrast and so much life! Please take a peek, and read a little about her here:

1.) I've said it before, this is always the hardest thing for me to do. First of all, and most importantly,I'm a Mother. I have two boys that make me a better person every day. I have an amazing and supportive husband who puts up with my craziness, and a wonderful family. A small family, but wonderful. I've been involved and in love with art in one form or another my whole life. Photography, however, has become my passion. It sounds cliche, but it's the truth. I've never been good at expressing myself. I'm a total introvert and I have some social anxiety going on, but my photography gives me a voice, and the confidence to share my joy..... my life the way I see it. I hope that it inspires and uplifts other artists and brings a little feeling of nostalgia to you. 

2.) My Daddy is an artist. A great one. He was also our family photographer. I have so many moments to look back on because he documented them. I got a camera at a pretty young age, nothing fancy, but just enough to make me hungry for the art. Now, my children and my sister's children are my biggest inspiration... My whole family really.  I want to document life for them. That's why most of my work is just simple gritty truth. It's who we are. It's what I want to remember.

3.) In my camera bag is my beautiful Canon 6D. I've used Canon from my very first DSLR. It just feels right. I have three lenses. A 50 1.4 , which I use the least. A 35 2.0. I'm finding that to be my main lens. I love how you can almost get inside a moment with a wide angle. It's slight distortion is something I also love about it. There's something very artistic about it. Last, I have my 85 1.8. This is a killer portrait lens. I love using it when I photograph seniors. 

4.) That's easy. I have made so many online friends in this industry and I am so so grateful. One person, in particular, has been my biggest supporter, cheerleader, my compass, and my sanity. She knows who she is, and I'd love to shoot with her one day. Her work ethic and her heart are both huge inspirations in my life. 

5.) The hardest thing for me is not taking everything personally. As artists, what we do is such a BIG part of who we are. We have to learn that not everyone understands our work, or is going to like it..... Do NOT take it personally. 

6.) $500?.... Well, of course, I should, could, and would put it toward a Sigma 35 1.4! haha

7.) Not all advice is good advice!! Listen to your gut. Make mistakes. Research the greats, the artists and photographers that did the work. Don't get hung up on fads. Know your stuff.... read books, watch tutorials, practice, practice, practice. Learn rules and then creatively break the hell out of them. <3

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