Thursday, September 18, 2014

Musings with a Mavenista on the artistic element of {shape} Part One.


                I have always been fascinated by the way people perceive things.
 I have always wondered if that person over there
 has the same image transmitted to their brain as I do to mine.
 If not, how is their image different?

Before I break your brain over the contemplation of that mind bender,
let me just say that though our perceptions most definitely do differ somewhat-
anyone who's had a miscommunication with someone else knows that is true-
there are also similarities in perception that are inherent through generations and cultures.

This is one reason that when you visit a foreign country 
you will see symbols and shapes alongside text on signs.
There are shapes and symbols that induce similar perceptions in all people,
and if you know that, you can harness that power into 
a very powerful skill to use in your images.

Let's start with the basic geometric shapes shall we?

Circle, Square, Triangle.

It is surprising how even very young children will recognize and differentiate those shapes.

Through the generations of humanity, they have come to symbolize certain things.



Circles evoke:

Unity, wholeness, infinity, the number one, without beginning or end,
life, motion, female, potential, cosmos, the meeting of two polar opposites.

There is also a distinction between what is inside the circle as opposed to what is outside.

What is inside could be protected and safe or restricted and confined.
What is outside could be unsafe or alienated.



Squares evoke:

The number 4, material things, physical elements, directions,
solidness, volume,  a container,  earth , security,
order, masculinity. 



I saved triangles for last, because they are not only a symbolic shape, 
but a compositional tool.
 Good compositions are built with triangles and you will see them
everywhere when you start looking!

Triangles evoke:

The number 3, creation, manifestation, deity, illumination,
and more...

Triangle symbolism can also change depending on the direction of the point.

An upward pointed triangle evokes:

stability, male energy, the elements of fire and air, 
and ascension into the spiritual world.

A downward pointed triangle evokes:
female energy, the elements of water, and earth,
and descent into the physical world. 

I find it REALLY interesting that the Star of David
(or a hexagram)
 is combination of these two

Do you see the three triangles represented here? 

Or the triangles here?


Time for my disclaimer...

These shapes may mean something drastically different to you.

You may have never once even thought about it really.

It is very interesting to think about who has though,
 and perhaps
 try to derive a greater meaning 
from works that seem trivial or boring at first glance.
Perhaps there is a greater story being told,
or maybe there is a deeper reason why you feel such 
connection or revulsion towards an image.

Knowledge truly is power!
So with this powerful knowledge, 
I challenge you this week 
create story telling images
 based on these basic shapes and their symbolism. 

Love and feathers,

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