Tuesday, December 20, 2016

{winter light}

Summer light gets all the glory, but I love the magic of winter light!   The contest of warm and cool,
the reflection off of glittering snow, the blue hue of an overcast summer afternoon, and, oh, we can't forget the light bokeh!  

The Snap Maven community submitted so many gorgeous shots that it was hard to narrow it down, but these {winter light} images all had something in common -- that wonder and magic that only exists during this time of year!

My favorite element of this image is the uncertainty.  I don't know exactly what is happening here, but it feels like a comforting dream.  The setting could be anywhere from a church to a common front door, and all of those possibilities keep me in this images, creating story after story.
Rubylee Photography

Christmas at the Most Magical Place on Earth!  I love the details of the park, crowd and lights that were captured in this image, but my favorite detail is that look of wonder on her face! 

I'm a sucker for a great silhouette!  Throw in this gorgeous light & composition and the element of imagination and I can't turn away.  I want to go join them in this adventure!
Hayley Hay Photography

You just don't find light like this at any other time of year.  The selective focus and post processing add perfectly to the crisp weather feeling of this image.
Hello Olivia Photography

Wow!  The perspective here is phenomenal!  You took this beyond a cool light bokeh image and created a beautiful story.  The compositional curves lead us right to her in that sea of holiday red and green.
Bree Friesen Photography

Again, it's the mystery that draws me in here - so many stories that could be happening in this gorgeously lit hallway.  I love the combination of tones you created here, adding to the emotion of an already beautiful image.
Reflections of life

That is how the winter skies look here and I, too, like to just stand there and take them all in.  I love the placement of your main subject and the almost undetectable dog in the foreground.  Although the composition is one of solitude, there is the support in the background should it be called upon.  Really beautiful image and story here!
LB Photography

All dressed up and too cold to play?  This image was captured at the perfect time of day, with the warm glow of the sun just breaking into the cool snow.  The beautiful window light falling upon them supports a story of comfort and support.
Rochelle Hepworth Photography

That vast field, that tentative glance, the sun peeking out in the distance - this image opens up so many possibilities of adventure.  It reminds me of a book cover.
Amber Talbert Photography

I love the symmetry and silhouette!  Keeping all of the environment in this image makes them look even smaller against that big Christmas tree - what a wonderful memory you captured here.  

and the winner is....

This image is just {winter light} perfection !  The swirling, glittering blue snow against the big red puffy jacket and that tongue and little nose peeking out - this is a truly magical winter light image - so well done!

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