Friday, December 23, 2016

Feature Friday with one33 Photography!

one33 Photography was the winner of last week's 'winter light' challenge!  AnnMarie Denis of one33 Photography has been featured on our blog before (check out this post!) so today we're featuring some of her favourite images of 2016!

Happy Friday Mavens!!! I'm thrilled to be back to show you a few of my favourite shots from this past year! I can't believe how blessed I have been to be able to capture so many beautiful moments of my boys. I honestly feel so lucky! I often say, that my camera is an extension of me. It is a driving force in my life and it effects the people around me usually in a really positive way. I often think that photographers' kids are really lucky because they get to do so many fun things based on some sort of vision their photog parent has had. I know that is true for my boys.

My youngest is a little fish, he is happiest in water. There are not many days that go by that he is not in the bath. The bath is his happy place so we spend a lot of time in there. I was feeling like things were getting a bit stale in the photography department with all my bath shots, so I thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit. I'm pretty sure this was his last sink bath because he really is getting too big, but man was it ever a good one! We went out with a bang (or should I say splash)!

I love when unexpected things happen, when it's pouring rain but the sun is shining is a classic example. When this happened on this day, I said to my oldest, lets go dancing barefoot on the street! Barefoot outside? Dancing in the street??? He thought I was nuts, but he loved breaking the rules with me! My little photographer heart leaped when I captured that rainbow flare!

I am driven by the simple everyday moments in my family and I am very passionate about being a presence in their photographic memories. I want them to look back in their albums and see me there enjoying breakfast with them because gosh darn it, I was there too! I want them to see how much I loved being snuggled and kissed and loved on by them. These little everyday moments really warm my heart and make me proud of the work I do by capturing our lives.

Capturing the silly playful relationship my husband has with my boys just makes me happy! I love watching him wrestle with them and I love how involved he is in the upbringing of these little men! I know they will grow up to be amazing because of this man!

I really love water, perhaps it's because all of my boys love it so much, but I feel like a lot of my images involve water! I don't know but I do love this angle of this image, and those feet! I love capturing my boys feet! I'm weird I know!

So I love Joy, connection, water and LIGHT! Give me that golden light and I'm in heaven! This image was taken in my mother in Law's backyard and let me tell you it is this light right here that will get her more visits from us! J/k (maybe ;) )But in all seriousness I love that golden hour light and I love those rich tones it creates in my images. I will beg borrow and steal and most definitely bribe to get to shoot in that golden light! This shot, cost me 6 gummy worms. Candy well spend if you ask me!


This image I just really love because of the giant pop of colour! I love that bold colour and I wish some day I will get to visit Cuba or even Arizona and see all the bright buildings and capture more of that colour. If I find interesting pops of colour, I will often plunk a kid in front of it to capture it.

I also try really hard to capture the not so great times. I feel it's just as important to document  these moments as any other. My son was battling the flu for about 3 days and he really only found comfort in the bath. He loved having the water run over his head and so of course I needed to capture that.

I kinda am obsessed with this hat right now and this was the first snow of the year, so I wanted to capture the details of the snow on his little fox ears and I really loved how he was looking up at the sky so I kept his eyes in the shot. It's a funny little crop but I really kinda love it! It's important to capture those little details of their lives too!

Last but not least is this shot of my son, sticking his head out of the van window, pretending he was a dog as we drove through the tunnel of lights at our local Christmas light display. I mean, this shot is not perfect, but I just love all the bright fun Christmas light bokeh and I love that he was pretending he was a dog. I also love that I have captured a new tradition for us. We loaded up the van, stopped at Tim Hortons for some hot chocolate and then drove through this light show, while listening to Christmas carols. It was a fun night I don't want the boys to ever forget, and now they won't because of the pictures. 

And that is really it for me, to be able to capture all the joy and love that surround my boys and to freeze a moment in time for them is what fuels my fire!
I hope you enjoyed some of my favourites as much as I have! And again, thank you so much Mavens for choosing my image for Winter light! It is always such an honour to have such a beautifully supportive photography community!
Xoxo  AnnMarie

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