Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Thank you to everyone who submitted {travel] themes images this week!
In no particular order, here are the top ten images
curated by Mavenista
Julie Moses. 


I love the red poop of his hat and the great leading lines.

Traveling is easier when you use a map! In theory anyway. Love the point of view of this shot.

Great framing and color in this image. 

I love the light and how the positioning of the subjects leads your eye in and through the curves in the image.

Great figure to ground relationship with a darker figure on a lighter ground. I also like how this image creates a sense of possibility.

I adore the angle of this shot and the child's contemplative expression! I can just hear them saying, "Hmm."

I love silhouettes and the colors in this are great. I especially love the rising steam and how it was used to create a light background for the dark figures.

I love how the central figure is framed here by both the dark background of the open car space but also by the arms of the other figures. I also like the echo of stripes between the towels and the central figure's underwear!

I love how the lines lead us up to the figure, An additional suggestive element is found in the graffiti on the escalator stairs with an upward pointing arrow. 

I love the sense of motion created here, but it's a peaceful sense of motion. I can almost feel the sun on my face too.


And the winner of the {travel} theme is...

This is what travel should be for all of us! Joy and exhilaration for the adventures ahead. I love the way the right angle of her foot and leg create a frame for her face and how her outstretched hand leads our eye out of the image.


I have one final surprise for our winners this week.

You have all earned a free copy of my e-book
Traveling at the Speed of Light. 

Check you Facebook Messages for a download link and coupon code.

Julie Moses

That's all for this week! Be sure to submit your images for the new theme
{street photography}
being judged by our own Mavenisto
Mike Wade of Rural Life Photography.

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