Sunday, April 3, 2016

Feature Sunday with Rayne or Shine Photography!

Sally of Rayne or Shine Photography was the winner of our 'the way you see it' challenge a few weeks ago, and today she is sharing more of her beautiful work with us!

1.   Hello! My name is Sally Donoghue and I live and work in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I am a mommy to a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy; whom both make my world go round <3 Some fun facts about me?  My first digital camera was given to me by my mom and dad when I was about 15.  I have known my husband since we were teenagers; he is my first love <3. I LOVE chicken wings, and can eat an embarrassingly large amount of them!!  I have been told that my laugh is VERY unique..... people know I'm in a room before they even see me. I'm a hippie at heart, and still believe that all you need is love.

2. My style in 3 words:    emotional; timeless; real.

I find it difficult to say that an artist has a certain "style"...... For me it is ever changing; evolving. Certain moments require certain feelings to create the story, and I try to really be in the moment of each session and feel what it needs from there.  One thing I always do though; is search for and bring out the real emotion; to me a photograph should always make you FEEL something <3 Then the job is done.

3.  I have always enjoyed creating; but my love for photography truly was ignited when I had my daughter Lily Rayne. It was the first time I had ever felt such a need to document every single detail of something; of someone. She started my photography journey.

4. Oh god my camera bag........ HA!!! Aside from some probable gum wrappers and hair ties ??? I'm a Canon girl. I shoot with a 6D, 24-70 L, 50 1.4, and 70-200 L.

5. A dream shoot for me? There are a few; I'd LOVE to shoot with my fave photographer Kate T Parker one day; oh the things I would learn!!! As far as a session I 'd love to shoot; I have always wanted to travel to shoot; the opportunity to see the world while doing something I love is a literal dream <3 One day.

6. Before I started taking on clients as a "real" photographer; I never understood how much time went into the "after" part of sessions....... let alone the actual session!!! Yea, I'd say that is what surprised me the most; the amount of time it actually takes to cull photos, edit photos, perfect photos. How much heart goes into each one!!! ( for me anyways)  It is a daunting task at times, especially weddings with 3000 + photos!!!!! I have a great appreciation for that now.

7. My advice to a photographer who is just beginning; do just that; BEGIN. Pick up your camera, and shoot. Shoot anything and anyone that you can!!!! Play; learn the rules but don't always follow them.  Shoot what you LOVE and magic will happen <3 I wish I had known when I started that shooting what other people want; or what you THINK other people want, won't get you where you want to be. You have to love it; it will show in your work!!! Sure we all have to shoot things we aren't crazy about sometimes; but the reason you are shooting should always be because you love it. You are an artist; so let yourself be one <3

Find more of Sally's beautiful work here:

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