Friday, December 11, 2015

Feature Friday with Sonja Stich fotografias!

Sonja Stich of Sonja Stich fotografias is the winner of last week's 'intimacy' challenge. We have featured Sonja before in an interview (see the post here) so this time we've asked her to share some work that is special to her.

"I love this beach, it´s called beach of the fisher boats. We go there at least twice a week, and there is always something to discover. In summer, we meet our friends, we bring food and wine and stay all night long. There is always someone who brings a guitar or djembe. This summer, my son learned to swim here. When it´s too hot, we hide in the shadow of the fisher boats. Winter and spring are the seasons when the power of the waves creates the most interesting pools and formations and the water brings sticks and other treasures to play with. I love how the light changes depending on the time of day and during the year."  -  Sonja

Find more of Sonja's gorgeous work here:

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