Friday, October 31, 2014

Feature Friday with Jennifer Potter of Photographs by Jennifer!

Jennifer of Photographs by Jennifer was the winner of our 'truth' theme last week, and has shared a bit about her feelings about truth in her photography, as well as more of her gorgeous work!

'I was pretty excited to have my photograph be the winner for Snap Maven's "Truth" theme. It is a theme that hits close to home for me and what my personal photography represents. Something I've always emphasized when anyone asks me about my style or how I feel about my photography is truth.'  

'My truth is beautiful to me. When I am shooting for myself, the moments that I want to remember, honesty is so important to me. The thing is, this isn't just about me. It's about them.  It's about those people that inspire me. It's about the children that give my life purpose, the husband that is my strength and my other half, and my people. I want them to be able to recall an honest memory from my work. I want them, especially the children, to see a picture I've taken of their life and have that moment come alive again.'

'A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Make those words have value. Make them real. Make them true. No matter how busy you may be with the business side of your photography, please make time to shoot your truth. It is the one thing you will have when the rest is gone....and it goes by all too quickly.'
 - Jennifer

Find more of Jennifer's beautiful work here:

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