Tuesday, January 31, 2017

{authenticity over everything}

I chose the theme {Authenticity over Everything} because an image with a subject that is oozing authenticity makes you FEEL something, and it tells a story.   It doesn't have to be technically perfect when the true beauty comes when the photographer recognizes that the moment itself is perfect.  It's not just a pretty picture, it's a story starter. Whether it's an image that makes the viewer formulate their own story of what's happening... or an image that, when seen 20 years down the line, can bring its owner right back to the personality, feelings and environment from the image... THAT is the beauty in a photograph.

The following images are an ode to all that is authentic about the subjects photographed, and the talent of the photographer who recognized the opportunity to capture their story.


I just. cannot. handle. the unstaged emotion captured here. The simple, authentic moment of a little sibling trying to steal a peak at the tablet... while taking a moment to snuggle in with brother.  It makes me wonder: are these two incredibly close and this simply captures their bond? Or had they spent the day fighting and this was the shot that captured the peace offering?  And I love the use of the light from the tablet... and the highlights captured in the hair.

I'm not sure what I love more... the tones in the image, or her expression that tells me that she doesn't think there's anything abnormal about wearing stickers as accessories.  

I am a sucker for an awesome image of kids just being kids.  Love that the emotion/silliness of the kids is able to shine right through the details so perfectly captured in the bathtub door.

Photographing kids isn't just about the perfect smiles. I love how the photographer not just captured the tear on her face but also the next one welling in her eye.  I'm left wondering whether something tragic happened to her, or if she's crying happy tears based on the expression on her face.  The beautiful thing?  The photographer knows... and will always be able to look at this photo and pull that story from her memory bank.  

This MOMENT! The connection, the joy, the happiness. I'm a total sucker for kids playing pretend photographer... and I just love that both of them are having the same reaction to the imaginary picture they just captured.  Beautiful use of light and black/white choice.

The expression. The bike helmet at the dinner table. Does it get more authentic and amazing!? I love the way she's framed between an A1 bottle and the other family member's fork... and how the man on the left is eating his dinner as if there is nothing abnormal about the little one's mealtime attire.  "This" is family dinner :) 

I LOVE all of the color in this image.  I smile thinking not only about this little girl sifting through her closet that morning and finding clothes that let her authentically colorful personality shine... but I also smile thinking about the parent who let her.

What kid hasn't sat in a bathtub and looked at the way their face is distorted in the faucet?  And the way this is captured? SO fantastic and brilliant in the use of black and white and the fact that the magic of the photo is so tiny that it requires the viewer to really take in the whole photograph.

Because I love an image that doesn't show a kid being perfect.  Because kids aren't perfect.  And they fight their meals.  And if they are angry at the dinner table they will express it.  And...  it's kind of what is beautiful about them, right?  Because as adults we hold it all in.  Kids let it all authentically out.

I feel like every mother could envision herself being in this photo.  Some days she would see herself exhausted underneath a child that is climbing all over her. And other days she would see herself as a mother soaking in the blessings of motherhood underneath her child's loving embrace.  THAT is the beauty of this image. A dual representation of AUTHENTIC emotions that mothers roller coaster through.


THIS IMAGE.  Struck me right in my authenticity-loving heart and here's why.  I first saw the authenticity just on the kids' faces. Kids being kids and having a joyful moment together.  I wonder what happened and what made the one child throw his head back in not-fake-laugh hilarity.   THAT in itself is beautiful... but upon further observation, you see the laundry in the corner, the snack bowl on the table, the pillows stacked by the window and the toys scattered on the floor and around the kids.  I love that there was no attempt by this photographer to clear the clutter out of the scene.  If she had, not only would the moment have fleeted, but the image wouldn't be the same. The clutter adds to the authenticity.  Because it says "joy" in the midst of the messy.  Joy of ignoring the clutter and the to-do list for a moment and taking in the more important moment. Authenticity over having chores done. Authenticity over clearing clutter.  Authenticity over trying to make it perfect. 
 Authenticity over EVERYTHING.


Brea Schmidt 
Photography by Brea and The Thinking Branch




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