Tuesday, November 1, 2016

{monochrome soul}

Thank you so much for having me this week! I adore monochrome images and was blown away by what everyone shared for the “Monochrome Soul” theme; you did not make narrowing down easy on me!

This image is beautiful. I love how much of the story and emotion you can gather without any faces.

I love how classic and timeless this image feels. It feels like any generation could relate to this photo.

Absolutely stunning! Such a powerful and unexpected perspective to fill the frame with such a strong eye connection and beautiful details in the mask

I love the authentic laugh. This is pure joy that cannot be staged

I love how pensive and deep in thought he is, yet because of the center composition it feels very strong instead of lonely.

I love not only the eye connection here but usually this perspective makes the subject seem small but there is so much personality and fierceness in her eyes and stance that it does not feel that way at all.

I love that all we see if the embrace and everything else is left in darkness.

I love the choice of shooting this vertical. You are drawn into to the eyes but your eyes continually trace the arms back up to the face again and again.

I love the choice of composition and the storytelling in this photo!

I love the curious and intense stare and the connection between the subject and what is in the jar. 

and the winner is...

The intense eye connection was captivating and behind and the child intertwined with all of the branches had wonderful layers of depth!

collection collated by guest judge, 
Kelly Jacobi Photography

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