Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Compassion is essentially a feeling of deep sympathy or concern for another's sufferings. For me, compassion is the means by which we measure love. It's certainly something we need more of today.
 Here are my top picks for "Compassion":

The simplicity and the dramatic  lighting in this "Compassion" image by Hello Olivia Photography really draws you in. It's beautiful!

I really am taken by this image by Gatwick Photography. I love the leading lines but more importantly I love that how it shows that you compassion knows no bounds. 

This image by Moments by Mancuso really moves me. I love the sad expression on the little girls face. The way the boy's body is hovering so closely as if to suggest he is her protector and no harm could come to her except through him. The black and white conversion is gorgeous and I even like that the subjects are soft and a little oof. It appears as if they're in a world of their own. 

I love the sincerity on dad's face in this image by Ainsley Raye Photography. His big hands holding on tightly. The tones in this image are simply gorgeous! 

This image by Behind the Lens Photography is a perfect example that anyone, at any age, can express compassion. The look of genuine concern on this child's face and the idea that she took the time to stop what was obviously a day of fun to help this bird is so encouraging.


And the winner is.....

This image by Performer Photography embodies the theme perfectly and quite adorably, I might add! I love everything about it. The story, the composition, the point of view...everything down to the scatter of bandaids on the floor. This little girl wasn't taking any chances with her friend. Perfect compassion!

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