Friday, October 16, 2015

Feature Friday with Catchnkiss Photography!

The fabulously talented Denise Saba of Catchnkiss Photography is sharing something special with us today!  Denise was the winner of last week's 'favourite things' challenge, and as she has been featured here before (check out this post!), we have asked her to share something a little different with us.

"light girl"
'This is one of my favourite projects of a beautiful girl using the same light portraying different emotions and connections.
Black and White photography fulfil my heart and soul.'

'Light is such a powerful tool and I didn’t appreciate it like the way I do now. Didn’t understand why light was so important or what you can do with light as I was limiting myself to set boundaries.'

'As I became more confident in my use of light and shadow, I started acknowledging depth, texture and dark tones.  WOW! There was no stopping me now. All these elements combined together were creating a deep sense of accomplishment. This was me! My images are soulful, powerful, honest and emotional.'

'Its such an honour to be able to tell a story that I have created and to know that there are people out there that can connect with me. It’s not for all but it’s defiantly what makes me as a photographer, as a mother and as a storyteller.' - Denise

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