Friday, February 5, 2016

Feature Friday with Andrea Brooke Photography!!

This week on the blog is the incredibly talented Andrea Brooke Photograpy, winner of the 'marvel of an ordinary life' challenge.  Read on to hear her advice for new photographers, and what her dream shoot would be.

1. About me... The best thing is I'm a mom to 3 boys, Kale, Roman and Maddock, ages 8, 5 and 1. They fill my days with joy, laughter and exhaustion;) I'm from Red Deer, Alberta Canada. I'm use to the cold but I don't like it! I love neutral colors the most. More favorites: Collide by Howie Day, When Harry Met Sally, jeans, wine, I like my coffee to be tall, dark and handsome, oh wait, sorry that's my men. I like my coffee to be a chai latte;) with coconut milk. I love a good girls night, yoga class, the beach.

2. Describing my style in 3 words... This one has been hard for me as I feel like my style is always evolving to some extent, I hope I could use the words, depth, connection, and light. I strive to look for and capture something more than what is just seen, something that makes you feel or connect to the photograph, or that you can feel the connection in it. Which is why I chose the first two words. As for light, I love using natural light as well as whatever is around, a lamp, flashlight, candle, open fridge, etc. and I usually look for capturing the light as much as I'm looking to capture the moment.

3. I have always been passionate about photography but not always in taking it, I just appreciated the photograph, I loved going through my grandma's old albums and slides, and I've always tried finding ways to put them everywhere I can, I use to make magnets all the time. I got my hands on a half decent camera once and thought it would be fun to do a little photoshoot with my friend, I was happy with what we shot and decided to save my Christmas money to get my first dslr to take better photos of my children, a few people asked me to take some for them and then I was motivated to take some classes and get some mentoring, and I've never looked back, I just want to learn more everyday. And being able to capture my children as I an and have been, is the biggest blessing.

4. My camera bag has the 5D Mark iii, and the sigma art 35mm.

5. Dream project? I've so enjoyed shooting lifestyle and portraits. But love fine art and storytelling and have some plans to work on that. Hmmm... I'm not sure I answered! Maybe I will choose a beautiful elopement! Big weddings are not really my thing but I would love to do some small elopements in beautiful locations!

6. Misconceptions? I could see that there was immense value in photography but I couldn't understand the cost. I felt like a lot of photographers were just gouging people. Now... Now I see the costs, and they are so much higher than I could have imagined, and I see that no one could ever make a living if they were charging what I previously thought were 'reasonable' prices. I spend hours everyday working and learning and I feel quite strongly that my knowledge and skills are worth something, especially when you are taking home something that will have immense value for you and your future generations!

7. Newbies, I would say don't stop learning. Focus on your craft and not your equipment. Better equipment can be 'bought', better skills can not, I felt like I wasn't going to go out and get the Mark iii until I knew I was good enough people would not suspect what I was shooting with. It always bothered me when people used their equipment as an excuse in sports, and I feel the same way now, I want to be better than my equipment and I think that's a good goal to shoot for. I'd tell myself, dont feel intimidated by this industry, just dig in and learn, follow your passions and the rest will catch up.

Find more of Andrea's beautiful work here:

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