Friday, January 9, 2015

Feature Friday with mQn Photography

Every so often, we have a winner who has been a winner before.
In those situations, we invite our theme winner to share a recent session or project with us.

Please welcome 

Michele Quattrin of mQn Photography 

who was our winner this past week for the 
{brand-new} theme. 

This session was taken in the brutally cold of winter.  
Here in Minnesota you can’t just go outside in the beautiful snow and take pictures in ol’ time you want because sometimes it’s literally just too cold to go outside
and I’m talking 30 degrees below zero!   
So being a photographer in one of the coldest states is a bit of a challenge during winter months.  You may not always be able to go outside but you can always be toasty warm inside!  
We took to the master bedroom and stripped the linens and had a wild pillow fight of a time.  During all the fun chaos we managed to get in some simple portraits too
 and that’s what I aim for in all my sessions.
  Hope you enjoy!

Michele Nicole Quattrin
Lifestyle Portraiture

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