Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meet This Week's Judge: Elise Meader!

This week, Elise of Elise Meader Photography has chosen "Wherever You Are" as our theme. She has shared some of her fabulous images and insight with us as well. Enjoy! 

1. I am so excited and honored to be guest judging here at Snap Maven this week. I've admired this page since the very start, there is so much talent shared here. It's inspiring and beautiful to see. A little about me: I am a wife of a fabulous man who served this great country for ten years as a Navy SEAL, he is a huge part of me.. from my values & drive to my passion and heart. We have two little boys, Grant and Dean who are 3.5 and 17 months. They keep us busy, tired and never without a headache. HA! I mean that in the most loving way possible... 
I'm a big family girl and am lucky enough to have them close by. I am a lover of all things outdoors and love me some food and wine... and beer. I love traveling to new places and loathe New England winters. 

2. My passion for photography was ignited long ago... my grandmother took videos and pictures of us all throughout our childhood in sunny Florida and the sandy beaches of Cape May, NJ during summers. I swear I inherited it from her. I really got into it when my first son was born... since then they've kept me wanting to get better and have honestly been the fuel lot my fire. Since then I've developed a love affair with sun flare and wide angle lenses. I just can't get enough.

3. My camera bag has a Nikon D610, a Nikkor 50mm 1.4, Sigma 35mm art, lensbaby edge 80, some memory cards, an expo disc and some quick cleaning supplies. I don't use the expo disc often, but probably should.. and I have to say the sigma has been the lens I use the most. It's just amazing.

4. My dream shoot is kind of silly because I have NO idea how to do it, but those underwater shots. MAN! They get me every. single. time. I'd love to be able to learn and capture an entire shoot underwater. Maybe in the ocean? The caribbean or some far away island? Anything to make the deal sweeter here, just add that in and that's my dream shoot. 

5. Here is my biggest challenge: that stamp of approval.. validation  Why does anyone seek that out? Well, for many reasons I'm sure... but here's what I have been challenged with; abiding by all the "rules", staying consistent, seeking validation. I am the best when I push these "rules" aside. I am best when I don't worry about a "limb chop" or a clean edit as opposed to a grainy, underexposed one. I am best when I shoot from the heart and really dig deep in my creativity bank and find the beauty in an out of focus image. I think the best way for me to face that challenge is to just keep on keeping on... pick up the camera more often and just shoot what I love and who I love in all those lovely places. The challenge is to not worry about validation and just worry about shooting from the heart, and if that means break rules.. go on and break them. The only validation you should seek is your own. 

6. $500 sadly doesn't go a long way in this world, does it? Meh... sad times, we all want more money to spend on photography. I SHOULD spend it by putting it back into my business and to me, that's growth. I should spend it on a workshop. Which workshop? There are SO many that I would benefit from, so I'll have to leave that vague. I SHOULD spend it on educating myself further.

I WISH I could spend it on silly things... new camera bag, new branding, pretty things that aren't necessarily a necessity. 

I would really spend it on a new lens... isn't that what we all do? haha

7. When I first started this I remember my husband telling me "don't ever over-extend yourself or make it so that you don't enjoy it anymore"... that was all the advice I needed.
I always keep in mind why I started this and I never forget how much I love it. Sometimes when I'm feeling crazy I have to remind myself of that conversation, but I certainly think it was the most amazing piece of advice I was given. Keep shooting the things you love and slow down when you get overwhelmed... it's just a way of the world reminding you to find your photography happy place and get back to basics<3

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