Monday, October 6, 2014


I know all the guest judges say this, but I really did have the most difficult time narrowing down my favourites.  Such amazing examples of texture, and I love how different the interpretations were <3

There is such a gentle softness about this image, and I can almost feel the breeze against my skin.  The colours are muted and perfectly suit the beach scene.

I love the choice to convert this shot to black and white.  I can see, and almost feel, all the delicate details in the leaf, and the water droplets are lovely.

How could I not choose this?  You can feel the softness and I just want to reach out and touch it!

I like that the focus is not on her expression, but rather on her tiny feet with their sweet softness against the prickly bale of hay.  The pop of pink from her shirt is perfect.

So many textures and so much richness in this shot.  The sweet, nubby blanket, the slightly bumpy texture of her sweater, and even the texture of her skin against the soft baby face.  Really beautiful.

This photo reminds me of summer evenings, quiet evenings at the lake, and I can feel the coolness of the water against my skin.  Love that there is nothing else distracting, the shot is all about the water.

I kept coming back to this photo, and I love that you kept it in colour.  I can feel that mucky wet sand against my toes!  Lovely tones too.

I'm a sucker for soft silky, curls, and this photo is no exception.  I like the contrast of the bumpy zipper and smooth sweater against the wildness of the curls.

My heart sings when I see lovely, simple and clean food shots.  The colours in this are gorgeous, and although I haven't a clue what kind of fruit that is, I know I can feel the texture of the skin.

I really love the composition here, and this shot is definitely all about texture.  The conversion makes this photo slightly mysterious too.

And the winner of the texture challenge is.....

The conversion and clarity in this photo, as well as the centre composition, make this all about that sand coating his (his? her? hands.  I kept coming back to this photo over and over.  The subject is faceless, you can't tell where he/she is (camp?  a beach?  a playground?) so it is all about the hands and the texture.  Lovely job!

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