Thursday, November 6, 2014

October Monthly Favourites & Experiments

What a fabulous month full of gorgeous work <3  

This image pulled me immediately.  That gorgeous, cotton candy sky, the expanse of beach, and that sweet little babe - beautiful.

The tones in this image are gorgeous, those sweet braids, and the teddy dangling from her hand, all so pretty.

I am not a fan of creepy crawlies, but oh my word this is hilarious!  And the expression on the boy's face just makes this priceless.

Fall is my absolute favourite season and this image is a perfect example of the gorgeous reasons why.

This is absolutely striking.  Her expression, her gaze, it's fabulous.  Beautiful conversion too.
Toya Laperna

While I'm drawn the the gorgeous fall leaves, what makes me love this image is the joy on the girl's face!

Oh how I know this feeling.  A perfect example of real life!

The colours and texture in this image are perfection - I can almost reach out and smell the yummy scents.  Beautiful!

The conversion on this image is beautiful, but the moment is just gorgeous.  The wonderment and smile on the girl's face make me curious - who is she smiling at?  Why?  Love her flower crown too!

Tammy Louise Cornish

Thank you so much to all of you for submitting your amazing work over the last year <3  We have enjoyed seeing all of your incredible weekly, and monthly, favourites and experiments.

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